Shamrock Boats

There is a Shamrock Boat that is right for every one

You’ve seen one. You’ve ridden in one. You fished out of one. Now you want one.

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Shamrock Fishing Boats
Every Shamrock is a fishing boat but the open fish model caters to the serious angler with the sole purpose of putting fish on the boat. With a wide-open deck and low gunnels, the open fish is perfect for inshore and offshore angling.

Shamrock Family Boats
Every Shamrock is a family boat but the 20′ and 26′ Cuddy Cabins provide amenities you won’t find on some of the Open Fish models. With the same proven hull design and maintenance free Keel drive, the Cuddy Cabin models are perfect for a weekend in the river or an overnight trip offshore.
Shamrock Commercial Boats
There aren’t too many jobs on the water a Shamrock boat hasn’t performed over the years. The 20′ and 26′ Shamrock Pilothouse have been commissioned by the United States Coat Guard, numerous marine towing and salvage companies along with commercial fishing and diving charters.

Let the team at Shamrock Boats get you in a new Shamrock Boat

You’ve seen one. You’ve ridden in one. You fished out of one. Now you want one.

Anyone who has spent some time in or around any of the early Shamrock Boats knows they are a special breed. The problem is from 2008 up till now you couldn’t buy one new and not everyone is comfortable buying a used boat or taking on the challenge of repair and restoration. We’re here to help solve that problem.

The winning concepts behind the design started by providing a vessel that just about anyone could service or repair. A Shamrock boat is built so that all serviceable components can be repaired or replaced without major disassembly. With removable panels throughout the hull, any section of the vessel can be accessed. The entire bilge can be reached bow to stern. All clamps, hardware, engine components, and wiring are accessible without having to remove unrelated components. Many vessels of other brands require deck removal or extensive fiberglass work to access key areas. The Shamrock design allows us to perform repairs or even restoration at a much lower cost than most other manufactured vessels.

The new Shamrock Boat Company is going to continue with this winning concept when or if the new models are produced. For the mean time, Shamrock is going to provide service on older models ranging from basic repairs to full restorations and everything in between. We will also be offering older hulls for sale in various states of repair. This will provide an opportunity for the potential vessel owner to determine what level of project they are interested in and be able to tackle that project successfully with our help.

With a simple but thorough process, we will be able to provide cost analysis and accurate timelines on projects performed by the DIYer or us. Any services we provide will be certified and covered under the company warranties. Provisions can be made for Coast Guard inspections and documentation along with surveys performed by certified Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors.

The best way to start your new Shamrock project is to email us with some basics on what you have, what you need, and what you want as an end result. At that point, detailed communications will commence between yourself and one of our project managers. A cost analysis on parts, materials, and labor will be estimated and a timeline for completion will be set. All specifics on materials, colors, brands, engine models, warranties, etc will be documented in a signed build contract and repairs / restoration will move forward from there.

In regards to full restorations: The U.S.C.G will not allow Hull Identification Numbers to be altered. However, a full keel-up restoration with Coast Guard inspection can warrant a Shamrock certified multi-year designation. Example: 1987/2021 20 foot open fish model.

We look forward to serving a community drawn together by a
classic and effective design proven to have stood the test of time.

See you on the water!